Author: V Renée  – Writer/Director
Here are the parts you’ll need in order to follow along with the tutorial:

  • Dual XLR to 3.5mm Jack: $11
  • Small 3.5mm Splitter: $2.50
  • Small Zip Ties: $2.50
  • Cold Shoe Adapter: $2

Now, how do each of these items actually upgrade the H1’s features? Well, the dual XLR jack allows you to plug in XLR cables, giving you the ability to use two professional microphones. (You can also use a single XLR jack if you’re only going to use one mic.) The splitter gives you two outputs so you can plug in your headphones as well as run a line to your camera. Finally, the cold shoe adapter simply allows you to mount your new and improved recorder onto your camera.

If you don’t already have an H1, you might want to consider taking a look at the popular Zoom H4n, which is basically the H1’s bigger brother. It already has two XLR inputs, as well as a 3.5mm line output for headphones or your camera. Not only that, but is also relatively inexpensive at just $175. So, you won’t need the dual XLR jack or zip ties to hold all of the cables down, but since it only has a single headphone/line output, you’d still need a splitter to plug in both headphones and your camera. You’ll also need a cold shoe for mounting.

What about the H4n Pro?

Well, Zoom did make a few improvements to the new version of the H4n, like better pre-amps and locking XLR connections, but for $220 the extra investment might not be worth it.



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