I figured I would make a tutorial for you guys after it being requested a few times. Usually you perform these transitions in After Effects, but they are doable in Final Cut. I mainly work in FCPX and after studying the way these two guys performed these transitions, I had to figure out how to do it so I started messing around. Took me a couple weeks to get good! This is part 1, so I will post plenty more transition tutorials if these get a lot of hits! Luma Fades, Spin, Motion Blur, and other types! Leave your feedback below!

1. Keyframes
2. Kalidotile
3. Compound Clips

Shoutout to these guys for their awesome work!

BakersTut check his stuff out here who did the first tutorials for these types of transitions:

Nainoa Langer for his awesome Hawaii Adventure Edits:

Sam Kolder for his global travel edits: