I have been doing green screening for about four years I’ve used several different software options, light setups, and background types.
Filmmaker IQ has an amazing video on the history of green screening. It is really cool and I would recommend you check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8aoUXjSfsI
Where did I buy my green screen? Well, there is only one place I would buy my green screens from, and that is Tube Tape. Tubetape.net has some of the best deals on filmmaking gear you will ever find while searching the www. Here is the link to tubetape.net’s green screen page: http://www.tubetape.net/servlet/the-Green-Screen-Equipment/Categories
And don’t forget that Tube Tape has way more than just green screens.
In this episode I also mentioned using Blender for your green screening software. If you do not have Blender I HIGHLY recommend you get it, it’s FREE and awesome. Here is a link to download Blender: http://www.blender.org/
If you have Ubuntu or it’s the future and Openshot 2.0 is released, Openshot and Kdenlive are other options for free green screening software. For me personally, I like Blender. 🙂
If you have Adobe After Effects… I would discard everything I said about free green screening software.
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Thank you very much for watching. Next week we are doing a Star Trek TNG transporter effect. It is super easy VFX and I hope you tune in for that next Friday.

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