NAB 2017 UPDATE | FREE Giveaways & Raffle: Enter for Your Chance to WIN a SOUND SHARK Parabolic Microphone Premium Kit

The Sound Shark Premium Kit includes a Sound Shark parabolic collector along with a Wind Cover, and a professional quality omni-directional lapel (lavaliere) microphone custom built for us by Microphone Madness. This professional level microphone comes with a 3.5mm connector that will work with most cameras and digital recorders and provides dual mono signals. The dual mono connector provides the signal from the microphone to both channels of your stereo recording device. View Product Details at:

Sound Shark Audio products are for Independent Filmmakers, Production Companies, Hybrid Photographers, Go Pro Videographers, Wedding Videographers, and Event Videographers.  Sound Shark Audio’s parent company, Klover Products, is the leading manufacturer of parabolic microphones for professional sporting events, as well as many other professional applications. The company uses the same professional grade technology in their Sound Shark products while making them user-friendly enough for anyone to use. Sound Shark Audio is dedicated to creating audio technology that captures audio signals from a greater distance and with more clarity than a standard mic. With Sound Shark there is no need for a speaker to wear a microphone – a Sound Shark located less than 6 feet in front of a subject provides audio recording equivalent to a lavaliere worn by the speaker. The Sound Shark creates a truly flexible recording tool –  the same lavaliere microphone used on your subject’s collar one moment and can be mounted inside the Sound Shark parabolic collector a few moments later to be used as a long-distance microphone.

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Photo taken by StudentFilmmakers Magazine and Publisher/Editor Kim Welch.

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