*New version 1.2 now available! More info can be found in this video: https://youtu.be/81t8QSa-xPE

My situation is that I mostly work as a DP but I love grading and do it now and then professionally so a controller would be nice. Justifying to myself a 4 figure purchase in something like that when I don’t own even a proper monitor yet was a bit hard though so I felt like I just have to face the fact that I will have to settle for my keyboard and Wacom tablet for a long time.

But then I saw others mapping their own MIDI controllers and the possibilities in all that and I got REALLY inspired from it. So while doing a lot of research, practicing the programming using my mouse wheel and just planning how to map a controller I finally found a controller which was perfect for my needs: Midi Fighter Twister has multiple banks, a lot of knobs… and the knobs work as buttons too!

When the controller arrived I was so happy to see that my mapping worked flawlessly with it. Grading with this setup just feels so much fun, like it of course does with any good controller. But this is something that I made for myself so everything is right there where I want it.

Thanks for watching!