Ok, if you’ve invested in a GoPro and a Quadcopter, you should give some thought into adding a landing-gear platform that will save your flying movie machine from going to the bottom of the ocean (lake/pool/river), in the likely event that there’s a problem (or a bad pilot).

Here is an easy to make lightweight water landing skids for the Phantom drone, 30 minutes build time. Ideal for filming over water in case of motor / battery failure, the phantom will sink to the bottom without added floatation.

I think these things should come standard with some sort of floatation device, but most don’t. I’m sure there is a more professional way to do this, but this is quick, cheap, and it works. But, don’t throw away the styrofoam, because it may not last too long, after a few rough landings on solid ground, it will probably need to be replaced. But, frankly, this little DIY landing gear might actually act as a shock-absorber for those rough landings.

So, give this a try. Improve upon it, and put your results in the comments, below.