We tried the IntelliARMOR Hardened Glass Screen Protector, and was super impressed!

A lot of screen protectors are thin and cheaply made. But, when I took this one out of the package, the first thing I noticed, was it was solid.
It installed very easily and fit perfectly on my Samsung S4.

The biggest test of a screen protector, includes both protection from scratching and breaking the screen. This gorilla glass protector is easily the finest quality and best protection, I’ve encountered. The final test of a screen protector, is the sensitivity. You still need to be able to swipe, push buttons, text, etc. This is where outshines every other protector, I’ve tried. After I installed the protector, it was like using the screen, without a protector. Zero difference!

So, this product gets two thumbs up, from me.

You can check out their products here:

You can buy one on Amazon here.