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120cm Middle Camera Slider Dolly Track

This IMORDEN Medium 48 inch video slider is suitable for any movie camera, video camera, digital camera or other photography equipment.
It provides shake-free stability and support to cameras while shooting.

1. Length: 48″ – Max load 15lb; -Optimal load:7~13lb
2. Includes 3/8″ and 1/4″ Mounting screw
3. Quick, Smooth and Precise. Easy to setup with carrying case
4. Can not only get straight horizontal shots, but also can sloped on a tripod, vertically put on a tripod, used as a crane on a tripod,
or even attached on two tripods for professional photography.
5. Camera could shooting from different angle in filming by this slider.
6. its eagle-claw feet design makes the slider more antiskid and stable while filming.

Package List:
-1 x Medium Camera Slider.
-1 x Carrying Bag
-1 x L-shape Hexagon Wrench

1. Please notice the difference between Pro slider and Medium slider.
Medium Slider is more lightweight than Professional one. The most visible difference is their legs. Legs of Pro camera slider is more flexible. If you are working not with a flat surface like most real world conditions, the all-terrain spider legs can create a leveled environment.

2. One 3/8 thread on the platform of the slider
This 3/8 thread over the platform may not directly adapt your 1/4″ thread adapter on your camera. You can use a head ball or tripod head as a converter on the slider platform. It will also be easier for you to operate the camera when you make a video or a film.Length: 48″/120cm. Max load: 15lbs. Made of Aluminum ,and with carrying case
4 roller bearings under the top plate works with two Chrome Coated Shaft in the rail can prevent rust and corrosion and make your slider more smooth; the non-skid rubber feet can increase the friction between slider and ground and make sliding stable
Apply to any movie camera, video camera, digital camera and other photography equipment
Unique structural design : There is 1/4&3/8 screw holes on both sides and the bottom of middle, which can provide multiple mounting options and can be positioned on a tripod or even attach it flipped over on two tripods
The slider can be used on the any surface with eagle-claw designed legs and with bubble level, it’s convenient for fine adjustment