In this video I show you how to create your own Outro using a layer-based photo editor and DiVinci Resolve 12.5 (Free for Windows and Mac!). You can use any photo editor that you like but I’m using Pixelmator for Mac which is available as a fully functional 30-day trial. For the video editing I am using DiVinci Resolve 12.5 which is free and available for Windows and Mac. I like DiVinci Resolve because it’s a professional video editing software with a ton of great features… but best of all it’s free!

Using a layer-based photo editor of your choice make a transparent image that is 1920×1080 to match the resolution of your video. Design the image to look the way that you want your outtro screen to look. Don’t forget to add your social media names and maybe an email address where your fans can reach you. Leave an area of the image dedicated to showing your previous video and make sure that it’s labeled as previous video so that people who see it will know it’s a link to your previous video.

Using DiVinci Resolve start a new project and add your previous video and your outtro image to the media pool. Click on the edit tab and drag your outtro image to Video 1 and stretch out the time to at least 1 minute. Now drag your last video to the Video 1 slot then up to Video 2 once it appears. Your previous video should appear directly above your outtro image. You can select a 1 minute section of your previous video to use. Now select your video and under the playback tools for Timeline 1 select the transform control and adjust the size and position of your video so that it’s over the designated area of your image. Once it’s in place you can return the beginning of your video and hit play to see your video playing in the designated area of your image.

Once you’re happy with the outro click on the deliver tab, select you tube and make sure the video is set to 1080p. Click on add to render queue and then start the render process. Once this is done you’re ready to add the outro to the end of your video! Once you’ve recorded your video simply have the outtro video you’ve made in the media pool and drag it to the end of your video in the edit tab. It will show up at the end of your video. On YouTube you’ll want to add an annotation to your video and place it over top of the area you designated for your previous video and set it as a link to that video. Now when someone clicks on the video it will take them to it.

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