Low Budget Process Trailer

Low Budget Process Trailer (Photo credit: FilmCrewTech)
















Filming a moving car scene can be very difficult. Most Hollywood movies put cars up on “Process Trailers” that allows the actors to concentrate on acting, instead of actually driving. These trailers provide enough extra space to allow for cameras, lighting, and crew to ride along, if necessary. It’s a pretty involved process, that involves permitting, insurance, trailer rentals, an experienced crew, and the budget to do it all.

Indie filmmakers are notoriously adept at inventing cheap alternatives to the Hollywood method of filmmaking. Sometimes, low-budget filmmakers come up with solutions that rival or surpass the conventional filmmaking techniques. For instance, low-budget filmmakers created the “Camera Slider” industry. Hollywood saw it, and loved it, and now you’ll see a camera slider on most film sets.

This indie film method of shooting a moving car, is fairly simple, low-cost, and even preferred, these days. When you are shooting in a garage or warehouse, you have the ability to control the lighting, the background noise, and can capture the actual dialogue, without having to do ADR (replacing the dialogue in a recording studio).