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“Where To Start?” is the second of many episodes on How To Become A Film Director. It points out the three most important things needed to make a film. It gives you informations that could help you in the making of your very first film or your next one. It gives references on famous film directors about their debut.

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Symon Says TV – The Filmmakers Channel – presents; How to Become a Film Director, a series dedicated especially to filmmakers. With the main goal of helping you to become a better film director, we will give you tips to avoid common mistakes and identify the most important aspects of filmmaking, so you can save time, and progress faster.

How To Become A Film Director doesn’t pretend to replace film school. It’s more about sharing knowledge acquired along the road. It’s about personal opinions resulting from past experiences accumulated along the way by a passionate, curious and obsessed self taught and learning filmmaker.

We will cover each department of filmmaking. We will give you informations that could benefit you at every stage of your career, whether you’re about to shoot your very first film or your next one that is part of a long existing list already. Filmmaking is all about vision and team work. So by giving you a better overview, we will help you have a better understanding of what it is to be a film director.

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And as said in the video. Here are the films known as the first films of famous directors Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and Robert Rodriguez.


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