Final Cut Pro X tutorial on color grading feature film:

In this tutorial series I share with you how to color grade or color correct in Final Cut Pro X using Color Finale on a feature length film. I start at the basics and work through to advanced grading topics. You can follow long using the same footage from the film Just Let Go!

Skip to these topics in the video:

02:17 Color grading workflow

08:40 Balancing exposure

13:45 Balancing color

20:30 Shot matching

25:02 Mood

30:32 Hospital scene

34:51 Flashback look

40:14 Modern look

44:27 Expanding color palette

48:57 Day for night look

56:40 Finish grading

Other links mentioned:
Just Let Go (2015)
ImpulZ: LUTs:
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Denver Riddle
CGC Founder & Colorist
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