10 Final Cut Pro X 10.3 tips and tricks. Produced by FCPWORKS (http://www.fcpworks.com) in partnership with Michael Horton, founder of the Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group (http://www.lafcpug.org). Captured during LACPUG’s November 2016 meeting, this clip showcases 10 tips and tricks for Final Cut Pro X and the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

Tips include:

•MXF Wrapped ProRes https://youtu.be/bGR6S1qBaDs#t=0m21s
•Continuous Playback https://youtu.be/bGR6S1qBaDs#t=2m37s
•Fade Handles https://youtu.be/bGR6S1qBaDs#t=3m29s
•Searching for Metadata types in the Timeline Index https://youtu.be/bGR6S1qBaDs#t=4m57s
•Dual Rolling Trim for Connected Clips https://youtu.be/bGR6S1qBaDs#t=5m44s
•Fast Vertical Navigation https://youtu.be/bGR6S1qBaDs#t=6m17s
•Multi-clip trim to Start/ End/ Playhead https://youtu.be/bGR6S1qBaDs#t=6m41s
•Source Timecode Effect https://youtu.be/bGR6S1qBaDs#t=7m28s
•Use iXML to Automatically Create Audio Roles https://youtu.be/bGR6S1qBaDs#t=8m27s
•Voice Over Automatically Assigns Role https://youtu.be/bGR6S1qBaDs#t=10m27s
•Full Height Inspector https://youtu.be/bGR6S1qBaDs#t=11m30s

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This production was made possible in part by the Convergent Design Apollo (https://www.convergent-design.com/apollo.html).

For more information about Final Cut Pro X, please visit http://www.apple.com/final-cut-pro/ and the new MacBook Pro http://www.apple.com/macbook-pro/