Add background music and clean up sound effects. Final Cut Pro 10.3 Tutorial Series, part five, audio & sound effects. This is a complete A to Z tutorial for Final Cut Pro X. Part one was about importing media. Part two is all about tagging and organizing media. Part three was making a rough cut, and part four was adding B-roll. This is part five and its about audio & sound effects. I show you how to add background music, mark the beats in your song and make cut to the beats of your background music. I also show you how to adjust and balance volume levels of your clips, cross-fade between audio clips and smooth out your sound. I talk about audio meters, the rules of audio editing. Never peak your meters and if it sounds bad, change it. I borrow audio from one clip and apply it to another clip with bad audio. And before I finish my rough cut, I’ll show you how to add a basic cross dissolve transition with a keyboard shortcut. New videos coming every week, so please subscribe so you don’t miss them. If you enjoy this video please like below and feel free to leave any questions in comments. I’ll do my best to answer them. Thanks for watching!

FCP 10.3 Tutorial Playlist –

Part One – Importing Media –
Part Two – Organizing Media –
Part Three – The Rough Cut –
Part Four – Above the Storyline –
Part Six – Exporting & Sharing to YouTube –
Part Seven – The Second Pass –
Part Eight – Clip Auditions –
Part Nine – Speed Effects –
Part Ten – Video Effects –

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