Launch video: Poised to be the “biggest crowd-sourced movie ever made” Not From Space is a comedy about human greed, created by hundreds of filmmakers like you from around the world.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Not From Space is a two-hour comedy about human greed.
2. The entire film will be a fictional cable news broadcast, complete with shows, commercials, and breaking news.
3. Poised to be the biggest crowd-sourced movie ever made.
4. We plan to donate proceeds of film’s release to charity.
5. You can join the production right now by entering a parody TV commercial into our Spoofdance Film Festival, and it might be used in the final Not From Space film.

Enter Phase 1 of production here:

Watch our video about Phase 1:

Main website:

A big thanks to our cameos in this video:
–Tom Antos:
–Marissa Nystrom of Indy Mogul &
–John P. Hess of FilmmakerIQ:

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Created by Jeffrey Michael Bays
(c) Not From Space is copyright 2003 Borgus Productions. All Rights Reserved.