15. the C47

Like its namesake, theC47 is dependable. Unlike its namesake, its not disposable. Founded by Jem Schofield, the website features a daily video update to satisfy your needs for learning about film production.

16. Matthew Duclos’ Circle of Confusion

No it’s not the title of an off-strip Las Vegas magic show, it’s a website run by Matthew Duclos and oozes with his passion for lenses and lens optics. Boring to you maybe, but exciting to those of us who understand that a great lens can pay-off visually as much, if not more, than a great camera.

17. Steadi3D

I want to thank Pedro Guimaraes for tweeting me (@evan3168) his website and opening my eyes further to the expanding world of 3D production. As a cameraman, Steadicam Op, and Stereographer, he has a unique skillset and knowledge to share. Having never worked on a 3D production, I was drawn to Pedro’s workflow and behind the scenes affairs.

18. NextWaveDV

Do you wake up every morning hoping for a magical 4K Canon DSLR camera to be released for $200? Do you wear a RED hat? Or do you simply love filmmaking equipment? Then check out NextWaveDV who cover more cameras, rigs, accessories, and software than I even knew existed. A great resource for gearheads.

19. Quantel Blog

Quantel is the company behind the great ARRI Digital Factbook and their blog is just as substantial of a resource. I also love how they pick a theme for each month and explore that in their articles (for example, this month is “Emerging Talent”) with considerable care and quality.

20. The 99 Percent

In existence long before Occupy Wall Street became synonymous with the name, The 99 Percent is a blog for creatives, freelancers, and people who think big. It’s a constant source of inspiration, motivation, and practical consideration when it comes to tackling projects, big and small.

21. Freelance Folder

Though freelancers come in many shapes and sizes throughout a variety of industries, the mentality behind the independent spirit rings true through them all. Freelance Folder is a site that covers the obstacles you encounter as a freelancer and offers advice on how to burst through them. Not every article is applicable to film crew freelancers, but many are.

22. Freelance Switch

Freelance Switch is another website based around freeing yourself from the shackles of a 9-5 and its unique focus around enabling you to switch into that lifestyle has landed it a spot here. It’s also been a great resource for me as I try to figure out the etiquette in invoicing, establishing a rate, and maintaining paperwork — the boring side of freelancing.