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FCPX-Resolve Workflow:

What Does/Doesn’t work going in out of Resolve-

1. Red RAW settings – Preserved
2. Spatial Conform settings – Don’t seem to work.
3. Transform Settings – Work perfectly.
4. Primary Color Corrections – Will pass through, but won’t necessarily be accurate.
5. Secondary Color Corrections – Will not show up in Resolve
6. Multicam Clips – Work perfectly, unless it is a Large multicam clip with lots of clips/angles constructed with clips without timecode spaced out along the same angle.
7. Motion Generators, effects, plugins – Modifications you make to these will not be reflected coming back to resolve. Will go back to their default values when you round trip.
8. Speed Adjustments – Constant speed changes will typically work, but expect everything else to not work.
9. Compound Clips – Smaller ones may kind of work, but it is highly recommended you break apart before bringing into FCPX.