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This is a brand new professional digital fluorescent Video Photography compact studio kit that gives you over 2000 watts output This kit comes TWO 16″x24″ softbox for your lights and ONE 16″x16″ easy softbox for you hair. You could use two 4 light heads as your main light and the 105W as your fill light or hair light. Light output is adjustable with 4 light outputs. You could use them in the studio photography or videography as well as on location projects. This lighting kit is the most affordable kit on the market today. IT is compatible with any camera on the market today like Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus and more.PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT: Photo studio lighting with three 16″x24″ softbox lights
COMPLETE LIGHTING KIT: Softbox lights with 3 x Light stands 6′ tall (One Boom Arm with Sandbag)
PHOTO AND VIDEO STUDIO LIGHTING: Includes 3 x Light heads able to hold 4 bulbs each
DAYLIGHT STUDIO LIGHTS: 12 x 45 watt photo video fluorescent bulbs and 5500k Daylight Balance Bulbs for premium quality studio lights
CARRYING CASE: Studio kit includes Deluxe Carrying Case large enough to fit the entire kit in one bag