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With the professional studio flash lighting kit, you can do fashion shots, video filming when the studio space is limited, also can pack them all up as a travel set.

Package Included:

?2x Lighting Set (220V-240V)
1250W energy saving light bulbs. Pure white daylight. 5500K, just made for photography. General color rendering index(CRI) Ra > 92. 10000 hours long life bulbs. E27 socket, suitable for light holder with E27 socket.

?2x E27 Bulb Holder
110V/220V screw in socket for flash or bulb. ON/OFF switch for the adapter. Rotatable bracket with E27 socket. Screw for easy fastening. Can be mounted on standard light stand. Perfect for holding photo umbrella, slave flash or light bulb.

?2x Professional Studio Photo Light Stand (Length 67-200cm/26.38-78.74Inch)
Durable steel construction. Lightweight durable material. Stable robust construction. 3 sections centre column and easy height adjustment. Rubber feet provides extra grip. 1/4″ screw is suitable for most photographic equipment. Quick release levers allow full and smooth height adjustment. Aluminum alloy makes light durable. Coarse diameter design improve the stability.

?2x 33″/33Inch Photo Umbrella (Color: White)
Made of high quality nylon construction. Translucent snow white. Eliminate glare and spot. Light weight and easy to set up. Steel frame for longer lasting.

?1x Professional Backdrop Support Stand: (10×6.5FT)
Made of lightweight metal and a solid heavy support stand. It consists of two fully adjustable lighting stands. The two bars are adjustable from 2.7ft to 5ft. The height can be adjusted to 6.5ft max.

?3x Background:(9×6 ft)
One 9x6ft black, white, green muslin backdrop. Suitable for costume, portrait and large object photography.

?1x Portable Carrying Bag for Backdrop StandsWarranty—All Excelvan lighting kits have 1 year warranty, 100% satisfaction and zero hassle returns guaranteed.
Energy Save—1250W energy saving light bulbs; Pure white daylight; 5500K color temperature; E27 socket.
Bulb Holder—E27, can be mounted on most of the standard light stand. 100% cotton with professional US adapter.
Photo Umbrella—33″ made of high quality nylon construction, eliminate glare and spots, light-weight and easy set up.
Compatible—Professional studio photo light stand, compatible with nearly all major photo equipment, like reflector umbrella, softbox, background, photography light.