DIY Sunbounce Project

The California Sunbounce, system of reflectors and diffusers are terrific, but they are on the expensive side. So the writer over at Jag’s Photo Blog decided to his own.

The frame was constructed using PVC piping, and fitted with a two-sided cloth cover, black on one side, and silver on the other. (* Note that this could also be used with Rip-Stop Nylon for a silk/diffuser project)
Here is a brief description of the project:

For this hand-held model project, cut the piping as noted (or scale it up for a larger unit). The only measurement that mattered at this stage is the length of the handle piece, as it had to fit the frame. The lengths he cut were:

(A) 4 side pieces @ 19 3/4″
(B) 2 end pieces @ 24 3/4″
(C) 2 handle standoffs @ 3″
(D) 1 handle @ 19 1/4″

The fittings required are:
4 90 degree elbows
2 45 degree elbows
2 tees
(All the tubes and fittings are 3/4″ Schedule 40)

The only tools needed for the job are a PVC pipe cutter, a measuring tape, and a marker or a pencil.

The completed frame.

He wanted to be able either to put the reflector on a light stand, or to be able to attach an arm with a strobe on it. To do this he used a 1/4″ x 20 coupling nut. Used for joining lengths of threaded rod, this is just like an ordinary nut but much longer. The one he used was two inches long.

Then he drilled a hole in one of the tees, at a 45 degree angle to the plane of the tee, and bonded the coupling nut in place with epoxy resin adhesive. The portion of the nut sticking out from the joint will allow you to hold it with a wrench or adjustable spanner to avoid strain when affixing fittings.

Lightstand/tripod fitting with 5/8″ stud attached.

The next thing to do it make the fabric covering. He used a remnant piece of black cotton. This was cut to size, hemmed and fitted with Velcro tabs.

Then he stitched a piece of silver lame to one side, giving a reversible reflector/flag.

The finished reflector! Project total cost was under $25

Check out Jag’s photo blog for more of his stuff!