When you need rain for your film, you can’t wait around for mother nature. Besides, actually shooting in the rain is a nightmare and can be extremely hazardous to people and equipment, and should be avoided at all costs.┬áCan you imagine trying to shield your lights from the rain, and trying not to electrocute yourself or your crew.

Most films that show rain, use some sort of rain machine, that produces big droplets that will show up on camera. Real rain is mostly invisible to the camera, unless it is backlit perfectly. So, here is a very low-budget rain machine project that will get you started. We think there are ways to make this a bit more sturdy, with larger diameter piping or using metal electrical conduit / metal piping as a sturdy structure to velcro your piping/water hose to.

Let us know what you come up with. Add a link to your project photos in the comments below.