First you need build a PVC frame. For that you will need 3-3/4 ‘T’S, 4-12″ 3/4 pipes,2-2 1/2 ” pipes and 4-3/4 caps. You will also need 1-1 ” ‘T’. 2- 1″ 1″ pipes and 1-1″-3/4″ reducer. Hold the job in a mechanical vice and cut the material into required sizes and make the snap fittings. Then friction fit the rest of the components into this stand. Then lastly you have to make the light box. That is how you have to build a fluorescent light box on the cheap with 8000 lumen of light out of some Coroplast, PVC plumbing and fittings, a couple of power bars, plug in light sockets and some CFLs.

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