Here is a very stable in-car video camera mount. This DIY camera mount costs about $15 in materials, plus the tripod head.

So, basically, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Square aluminum tube that is long enough to go across your vehicle, as seen in the photo, below. The big hardware stores will cut the tube for you, if you don’t order it, pre-cut.
  2. Mark the tube where the headrest post come up,
  3. Drill holes to install a u-bolt for each headrest post. (Drill your holes the same or one-size larger than the u-bolt studs, to get a solid fit.)
  4. Mark the center of the tube, where you want to mount the tripod head.
  5. Using the head/quick release you purchased, drill the appropriate size to accomodate the mount. Most heads are a


NOTE: The letter P in the diagram denotes headrest post locations.

  • Universal fit–will work with any car that has exposed headrest posts
  • Headrest posts are sandwiched between a 3/4″ square tube and an U-bolts
  • Wing nuts used with lock nuts allow quick removal


  • 3/4″ x 3′ hollow square tube aluminum or stainless steel (Qty: x 1)
  • Camera base mount (Qty: x 1)
  • U-bolts to secure the 3/4″ hollow square tube (steel or aluminum) to the headrest posts (Qty: x 4)
  • Lock washers and wing nuts that fit the U-Bolts (Qty: x 4)
  • 3/8″ x 1″ Bolt for camera mount (Qty: x 1)
  • Lock washer for camera mount bolt (Qty: x 1)

Thanks to this site for posting the idea: