Tools and Gear


OK, so Amazon isn’t strictly a filmmaking gear seller. And it doesn’t always have the specific items you want. But it does have some of the best prices and fastest shipping. Plus, if you buy from this link above, a small portion of your purchase helps pay for the hosting and other expenses of The Black and Blue!

2. Adorama Camera

I’ve had great experiences with Adorama Camera in the past few years when ordering tiny items like step-up rings or lens tissue. They offer a wide selection of gear at generally low prices and sometimes the cheapest. If you’re shopping for the best bargains, check Adorama before you go ahead with your purchase.

3. Barbizon Lighting

Located a stone’s throw from Washington D.C., Barbizon is one of the largest retailers of expendables and other film gear on the East coast. You won’t get FilmTools pricing here — as demonstrated before — but you will get the same stuff at a reasonable cost without having to ship cross-country.

4. The Rag Place

This one’s for the grips: Hollywood’s Premiere Source for Motion Picture Fabrics. The Rag Place sells diffusion, crates, flags, nets, and whatever else you might use to cut, shape, and block light.

5. Cam Cushions

When you spend all day pressing your eye onto a camera’s viewfinder, you’re not exactly living in the lap of luxury. It’s easy for the viewfinder to become sweaty, dirty, and possibly spread an eye disease. That’s why you want to cover it with a special type of eye cushion called an eyepiece chamois.

6. Storage Review

Hard drives are quickly becoming the film negatives of our movies. That’s a scary thought to many because, well, hard drives can be unreliable and fail. Storage Review helps to curb some of those fears at least a little bit by informing you of the most dependable hard drives on the market.

7. DIY Projects for Camera Assistants

What are you doing this weekend? Whatever it is, I bet you have time for one of these DIY projects. Do-it-yourself isn’t always about pinching pennies and saving a few bucks, sometimes it’s about making good use of your free time and building a custom tool.

8. Pelican Cases

Like them or not, Pelican Cases are a staple of film gear. Rental houses all over the world take advantage of their sturdy toughness. Whether you’ve got your own camera you rent out or you want an empty case for emergencies, Pelican provides a light-weight solution.

9. B&H Video

B&H is the Giant in film and camera equipment. They have a great track record of taking care of their customers and have competitive pricing. You really can’t go wrong with B&H.

10. CineGear Expo

Once a year in Los Angeles and again in New York, there is a magical holiday for cinematographers, camera assistants, and filmmakers obsessed with film equipment: CineGear Expo. All the major manufacturers come out to set up booths and show off new light boxes, follow focus’, or handheld rigs — and more, of course.

11. Indy Film Gear

Of course we have to encourage you to shop in our little store. We have great deals and it helps us to pour more time into finding you the best DIY projects and Tutorials on the internet! It’s got a direct connection to the biggest and safest place to shop on earth…. So, you don’t have to worry about shopping there.