Easy Boom Pole for Under $30.00
Home Recording Studio
Microphone Pop Filter
Microphone Windscreen
Sound Studio Acoustic Treatments
Microphone Desk Stand
Zero Budget Dubbing Studio
Voice Over “Porta-Booth”
$3 Shotgun Microphone Mount
$20 Condenser Microphone

Stage Effects/Green Screen

Green-Screen & Stop-Motion Special Effects
DIY Clapboard
Portable Greenscreen with PVC and Cloth
Large greenscreen (non-portable) for under $30.
DIY Blue (or Green) Screen
Greenscreens and Backdrop Stands
DIY special effects from “The Last Broadcast”
DIY Projector Screen
DIY Rear Projection Screen
Ghetto Matrix Bullet Time
Snow Machine
How to Make a Rain Machine
Thick and realistic movie fog
DIY Teleprompter

Blood, Bullets & Stunts

Create a Hollywood Style Gunshot Wound
Proptastic – Prop Guns
Fake Blood Squibs
Squib Videos
Creating Bullet Hits with Paintball Shots
How to make a bullet hit
Blow your actor in Half
Realistic Knife Throw Effect
Break-Away Furniture
How to make Sugar Glass
Blood & Bullets for No-Budget movies
Breakaway Glass Windows, Bottles, Props, etc.
Fake Shards of Glass for Special Effects
Backyard FX: Stunt Dummy
How to make a Blood Shooter
Blood, the chemical way!
How To: Make Fake Blood ( 5 Blood Recipes)
Got Blood?
No-Cook Edible Fake Blood for Mouth Wounds
Fake Blood
Eejit’s Guide to Blood