JIB Arms/Cranes

Snodart’s Jib
Heavy Duty Jib
Jib Arm rig
Speed-Rail Jib Arm
Camera Jib Arm Design
Crane for the Panasonic GS400
Cody Deegan’s Jib Plans
Dave’s Crane
MiniCrane You Already Own
Using Your Tripod for Crane-Like Shots
The Poor Man’s $60 Jib
$40 Heavy Duty Jib Tripod
Fluid feel Jib Crane Head
DIY Cable Cam
DPCFilms CableCam

Misc. Camera DIY

DVX-100 Zoom Control and Record Start-Stop
HV20 Focusing Tool
Depth of field Machine
Pixelcam Modification for Baseband Video Output
CVS One-time Camcorder Hack
Panoramic lens thingy
DIY Rain Coat for your DV
Diy Hvx Raincover
Underwater Housing for miniDV
A backpack cam
A Snorri Cam
Focus/Iris controller
DIY Vibrating 35mm Adapter


DIY Light Kit
$25 Lightkit
Joren Clark Lighting Kit
Video lighting on the cheap
Beginner’s DIY Lighting Kit
Cheap Lighting & Barn Doors
DIY Movie Lightning Lamp
Light Source: Build Your Own Lighting Kit
Lighting for DV
Barndoor Template
DIY Light Diffusion in Video Production
Low Budget Lighting Article
$30 DIY C-Stand
Scrim or Butterfly Light Diffuser
Even Cheaper and Cooler DIY Lighting