1. Film Editors

This is the place to ask questions and discuss editing.

2. Friends of the ASC

Friends of the ASC is a program started by the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) to create an atmosphere of mentorship between experienced cinematographers and those who want to learn the craft. It costs money ($100) but you get exclusive access to online content, an ASC mag subscription, and invitations to special events.

3. Reddit

As a place to find cool articles, Reddit is top-notch, but where the site truly shines is its sense of community amongst its users. The site is divided into “sub-reddits,” which are mini-communities focused on specific topics. Subreddits like /r/filmmakers/r/wearethefilmmakers, and /r/filmmaking are good places to interact with other film fanatics.

4. Google+ Film Festival

Adam Cohen has been spearheading an active filmmaking community on Google’s social network, Google Plus. His efforts are culminating in the Unofficial Google+ Film Festival which you are welcome to participate in. Also circle up with Adam to get info on Hangouts with others in the film community.

5. The DV Info Net Forum

From P2 to DSLR, NLE’s and VFX, the DV Info Net Forum has all your acronyms covered when it comes to community discussion. It’s lively and thriving, which is rare for some of the older forums.

6. Other Crew

By far the greatest resource that is available to working film professionals is their colleagues and other crew. Crew have the best advice, the greatest techniques, and all sorts of secrets that they’ll reveal, especially if you’re working for them. Do not alienate those you work with and they will undoubtedly pay off your kindness in spades through recommendations, advice and genuine friendship. I ended the last list with this resource and I end this one with it too because I truly believe in the value of people in the film industry.

7. Florida Film Network

If you live in Florida, there are over 4000 filmmakers and actors that network on Facebook and in person.