DIY Filmmaking Tutorials


Dolly and Track System
Build Plan Dolly
Skate Wheel Dollies
Radio Controlled Camera Pod
Simple Dolly
PVC dolly
Eazy Dolly
D8 Ladder Dolly
Filming Dolly With 10? Track


$14 Steadycam
Light-Duty “Steady Cam” Stabilization
Improved Steadicam for under 40 dollars! Also boom mic attachment!
Detailed Stabilizer with photos.

Very Simple Stabilizer
Another Simple Design
Bicycle Steady Cam Mount
Steadicam DIY
Make-Shift Steady Cam
The Plank Cam
$15 Camera Mount
DIY Smooth Panning
Pocket Tripod
Joren Clark Camera Steadying Device
DIY SnorriCam
2 Different Stabilizer designs

Car Mounts
Back-seat-view car mount
Exterior car mount
Car Rigs