Fig Rig!

DIY Fig Rig Project (Photo credit: Perfectance)

The Fig Rig is a unique, inexpensive and extremely useful piece of filmmaking equipment.
It allows the filmmaker to hand-hold a camera, monitor, audio devices, and more, while minimizing shake.

Watch this video by the creator of the Fig Rig, Mike Figgis.

Mike Figgis

Cover of Mike Figgis

Here’s what Wikipedia says about the Fig Rig:

Fig Rig is a camera stabilization device for smaller film cameras/video cameras, designed by film director Mike Figgis.



Here’s what Manfrotto says about the Fig Rig:

After years of using the Fig Rig on his award-winning films, Mike Figgis brought his idea to Manfrotto. An idea that is non-traditional in design, but purely simple and effective. The only modular system in the world to smoothly support the DV camera and act as a frame to mount all the accessories – including zoom controllers, mics, mixers, lights, monitors, arms. A circular frame with a crossbar to mount most mini DV cameras, the Fig Rig becomes part of the body to produce smooth, steady travelling shots. It is this very fact which is the secret to the Fig Rig. As the operator walks, his/her muscles and tendons absorb all the shocks, transferring only fluid movements to the camera. As there are no straps or harnesses attached to the Fig Rig, quick and wide movements can be made within the same shot – from ground-level to overhead, in one smooth movement. The camera, accessories and operator become one, allowing you to film scenes quickly and unobtrusively. With the Fig Rig your creativity is virtually limitless.