Setting up the fig rig

Setting up the fig rig (Photo credit: abrinsky)

Fig Rig

Fig Rig (Photo credit: Jake Spurlock)

For $300, you can buy yourself a bright shiny new Fig Rig, camera stabilizer. But, if your not rolling in dough, you can build this cool tool for $30.


From Wikipedia:

Mike Figgis was the founding patron of the independent filmmakers online community Shooting People. At one of their events in 2005 he said that filmmaking with a small digital camera made the experience more like painting or novel writing than the movie industry. His fascination with camera technology has also led him to create a camera stabilization rig for smaller video cameras, called the Fig Rig which places the camera on a platform held within a steering wheel-like system and has since been released by Manfrotto Group.[2]

Mike Figgis

Mike Figgis (Photo credit: PHOTOGRAPHY by Paulo Hoyos)







DSCF5990 (Photo credit: joelogon)