There are all kinds of camera dashboard-mounts, windshield-mounts, and door window-mounts, but I really haven’t seen too many ways to mount a camera behind the driver, looking out the windshield. This project, with the addition of one off-the-shelf item, would allow you mount as many cameras as you need.

You could face one camera out the windshield, one out the back window, one or more to out the side, etc. You get the picture.

So, I suggest you purchase the rod below, then take it with you to the hardware store to purchase the PVC fittings that will work with the rod. Make sense? (In other words, the video uses a much larger rod (roll bar).

Gorillapod for in-car mounting

Gorillapod for in-car mounting (Photo credit: Dr. RawheaD)







I know I don’t have a roll bar in my vehicle, so I tried it with this automotive clothes hanger.
You will just need to use PVC that is the size of the clothes hanger and it will work great.
You will likely have to hang the camera upside-down, to get it in the best position.
But, that’s OK. You can flip the footage, right-side up, before you start to edit the footage.

Here is what you can use instead of a roll-bar.