How to Build DIY 4×4 Frames


By Shane Hurlbut, ASC

Today I’m going to take you through how to make a DIY 4×4 frame. Usually to get an aluminum frame, you’ll have to spend $120-$130.00, including shipping costs. To make our DIY version, it’s going to cost us just $25.00. I said $15.00 before, but haha, it’s actually $25.00, and you can make it with tools you have laying around your house.

The whole design of this is something I did back in the day when I was starting out in the movie business, and we didn’t have cool aluminum frames. The frames we had were like the little wrought iron frames that surround the flag. They were very small, bent easily in the wind, and it was hard to affix the tape to them because they had a round surface, not a flat surface. Back in the day, I was responsible for building over eighty of these frames.