Here’s another DIY Film Dolly project that will be fairly easy to follow and result in a pretty decent and durable camera dolly.

There are a lot of tutorials on this already, but they lack some construction tips and some insight to the best materials for the job. I cover this and explain why certain materials are better when building a homemade camera dolly rig. Materials list:

(2) Pieces of ¾ Inch MDF cut to 30″X30″
Wood glue
(2) 28″ long, 2 Inch aluminum angle stock
¼ inch drill bit (for wheel bolt holes in aluminum angle)
5/16 inch drill bit (for carriage bolt holes in mdf)
3/8 inch drill bit (for carriage bolt holes on aluminum angle)
(8) Skateboard Wheels — High Hardness (99) with a large diameter (58 mm is ideal)
(16) Speed washers
(8) ¼ inch hex bolts 2 ½ inches long
(8) ¼ inch flat washers
(8) ¼ inch stop nuts (also known as locking nuts)
(8) Nylon or metal spacers 5/8 inch wide by 3/8 inch deep with a ¼ hole
(4) 5/16 inch carriage bolts 3 ½ inches long (trim to size after install)
(4) 5/16 inch flat washers
(4) 5/16 inch lock washers
(4) 5/16 inch hex nuts
(2) 10 foot sections of 1 ¼ inch schedule 40 PVC
(1) 10 foot section of 1 inch schedule 40 PVC to use for rail joiners and end caps
(4) 1 inch schedule 40 PVC 90 degree elbows to make end caps