Most features of the sizing palette are simple to understand and use, especially for those who have already been using the Inspector panel in the Edit Page. This tutorial focuses on the different levels on which sizing can be affected – timeline, clip, node and reference.

00:12 – sizing palette
00:37 – edit sizing
00:57 – input sizing
01:25 – output sizing
02:00 – node sizing
02:26 – demonstration of cover up
02:46 – reference sizing
04:08 – presets

Narrated and edited by Daria Fissoun

Materials from Middleman (2015)
Director: Ronke Ogunmakin
DOP: Tatenda Jamera
Producer: Cindy Ihua-Maduenyi
Ceeander Entertainment

Recorded at SAE Institute London (
Screen capture software is CamStudio by RenderSoft (
Intro and outro by Kevin MacLeod (