An overview of a simple, but versatile function – the composite mode in the Edit Page. Composite modes are a standard of most image- and video-based programs, and allow you to create a blend between two images based on their luminance and chrominance information. Examples are shown in the tutorial based on videos, solid colour mattes, and matte-based stock vfx.

00:18 – composite modes
02:05 – compositing solid colours
03:02 – luma mattes
04:01 – RGB mattes

Blend Mode Links:

Wikipedia article:
DaVinci Resolve 12 Manual:
Photo Blog Stop:

Video CoPilot’s Action Essentials:

Narrated and edited by Daria Fissoun

Materials from Stratford (2015)
DOP: Andrew Fisun
Featuring: Michael Feldsher
& Anne Marie Rützou Bruntse
Producer: Goat’s Eye View

Recorded at SAE Institute London (
Screen capture software is CamStudio by RenderSoft (
Intro and outro by Kevin MacLeod (