Learn how to mask a subject and animate a still frame as an opening credit or intro sequence used in soaps. Watch the Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video. Read More:

This week we’ll experiment again with Adobe Premiere Pro as we’re creating an intro sequence to introduce the actors before the film or series starts. What’s so special about this tutorial is that we do everything inside Premiere Pro.

We’ll start by masking out the actress as we like to have her come loose from the background. This creates a parallax effects which adds more dynamics as the clip will turn into a still with the frame hold option.

Once the subject is cut out, we can add a stroke around it. Unlike After Effects, we can’t search for a stroke or edge effect in the library. We need to use the ‘Paint Bucket’ and change several settings to make it act like a proper stroke around the newly created transparent layer.

In the next step we’ll animate a slight scale movement on the actress and add a name tag next to her. As we have two layers, we can animate the name tag from behind her. Always make sure to create smooth keyframes (with ease in/out) and add a motion blur to it.

Download the project file: https://www.cinecom.net/tutorials/create-intro-sequence-premiere-pro/


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