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Craphy’s portable photography softbox light kit is perfect for advertising products, fashion shots, video filming and more. Its ultra-compact design makes it the best choice when studio space is limited and you could always pack it all up and use it as a travel set. It features:

2 x Softbox with E27 Bulb Holder (24”x24”)
-High-Quality reflector nylon material
-Foldable Softbox and detachable curtain
-Black/Silver (out/in) colors

2 x 85W Light Bulb
-85W – Equals to 350w Regular Incandescent Light Bulb Output (Total Output: 700W)
-Color Temperature: 5500K
-Pure White Daylight Lamp Tone
-Protected by Styrofoam Packing
-Voltage: 220-240V
-Overall Diameter: 4″
-Overall Length: 11″

2 x Professional Studio Photo Light Stand (80″)
-Aluminum Alloy-Light and Durable. Coarse Diameter Design-Improve the stability
-Adjustable Height: 60cm-200cm/ 27.5in – 80in
-Quick Release Levers–allowing full and smooth height adjustment

Package Content
2 x Craphy E27 Light Holder with 24″x24″ Softbox Reflector
2 x Craphy 80″ Tall Studio Output Umbrella Flash Strobe Light Stand
2 x Craphy Photo Light Bulb 85W 5500K Daylight Balanced Pure White Light
1 x Craphy Carrying CaseLIGHT BULBS: 5500k color temperature daylight balanced fluorescent floodlights provide cool, white continuous lighting; suitable for any light holder with E27 socket
SOFTBOX BULB HOLDER: it will soften light stream and remove shadow to make perfect shooting; moreover, it will reduce overexposure and hot spots; perfect for any object’s shooting
HIGH LIGHT STANDS: they are all ΒΌ’ screw and compatible with all major photo equipment including reflector umbrella, softboxes, backgrounds and more
ADAPTABILITY: this continuous Softbox Lighting Studio kit provides soft lighting or hard lighting effect. It can be used with any backgrounds, photography table and light tent
CARRYING BAG: collect all the accessories of this kit and keep them safe in the bag; it will be very convenient for moving around to do your photo shoots