If you only have one DSLR Guide – This is the one to have.
When I first started reading DSLR Cinema, I thought it might just be, another book, trying to capitalize on the DSLR revolution.
But, the more I read, the better it got. There is no fluff, in this book.

This book is a very practical guide to help you make better video with your DSLR.
It talks in great detail, about recommended settings on the camera, lens, menu items, white balance, and a whole lot more.
I’ve been shooting for 15 years and thoroughly enjoyed the book, and learned quite a lot, in the process.

If you are relatively new to DSLR video, you’ll keep this book in your camera bag!

Not only does this book cover the practical and technical operation of shooting with the DSLR, but it digs into and breaks-down some of the best work from Vincent LaForet, Phillip Bloom, Shane Hurlbut, and more.

You will learn from this book.