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This O ring led light was designed to work with smark phones.You can easily clip this item onto the phones Ipad tablet or even computer to light up for taking photo or video.
There is a soft silicon gel on the clip so it prevents scratching the screen
It was designed with 36 Internal led bulds in round shape ,that means it will light up brightly and equaly in the sametime
This item is battery operated so you can save your phone enegy compare to thoese need to plus into headphone socket
it came in 3 light settings,click the button to shift the setting
Powered by 2 aaa battery (not included)
Package include:
1 x Ring Light
1 x Pouch
1 x Box
Please note that aaa battery is not included
Please note that the highest setting will fade if the power is not enough ,please change batteries in the case36 Highlight LED Bulbs inside lighting Brightly when taking photoes and videography in the dark
Easy to clip on the phones but with silicon rubber on the clip to prevent scratching the screen
Ring shape led bulds lighting much more equably
Energy saving and long working life LED Bulbs
Light Weight but Durable and shckproof high quality plastic