$20 DIY DSLR Shoulder Rig

Try shopping for a DSLR Shoulder rig, these days, and you will find that both large and small manufacturers are charging a ton of money! Some of these rigs are very well built and will last a lifetime, but for many of them, they are not, but still charging over $1000. OK, it’s time to build our own gear, from off the shelf parts! Here is a simple project to get you started with your own DSLR Shoulder mounted rig for about $20 ! Assembly and parts list below: Parts List: 1-12” ½” Steel Pipe 1- 4” ½” Steel...

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DIY Dry Erase Film Slate

We all need a way to mark our scenes during production.

Without a slate, your editor will go crazy and will not like you anymore.

So, with a slate marking the beginning of each take, he can find all the parts of your movie and put it together.

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DIY Scrim/Butterfly/lighting diffuser

Have you ever noticed how the lighting of a scene will change from shot to shot in a movie? In a scene that takes place outdoors on a sunny day, look at how the shadows change–particularly on the actors’ faces. In the wide, long shot, the faces are in direct sunlight and partially shadowed. However, in the close-up, the face is completely shadowed and perfectly, evenly lit. Faces look good without hard shadows. It’s a more cinematic look than having half of the face in the sun, overexposed, and half shadowed, underexposed.

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