New $80 or less Camera Slider Dolly project

Here is an updated version of the JG Pasterjak DIY Slider dolly project. This is a very professional build. It is a big improvement over the last version. He is offering to build one for you for $80 + shipping. You can check out the original video post here. DIY Camera Slider Dolly (the sequel) from J.G. Pasterjak on Vimeo. Related...

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$15 DSLR Shoulder Rig Project

So, you have a DSLR, but realized that it is HARD to hand-hold DSLR cameras for long video shots. Well, professional ENG Video cameras have been using shoulder mounts for years. So, it’s nothing new, but it just works. So, here’s an easy to build, $15 DSLR or small video camera shoulder rig project for you. Related...

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$5 DSLR LCD Viewfinder project

With DSLR video, one of the most frustrating things is the fact that you can’t see the LCD screen outside. So, what do you do? Well, companies like Zacuto and many others have created loupes that make it easy to see the screen, multiply the image, and allow you to adjust for your vision. These are great, but expensive. This tutorial will show you how to make one for $5. Related...

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