How do you best work with BOTH Premiere Pro & Adobe After Effects? How do you get files from one program into another to add VFX to your film projects? In this tutorial I will show you how!

You have basically 3 options for moving your work between Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects:

1. Export & Import

Simply export selected clips from your Premiere Pro project as video files. Import the video clips into Adobe After Effects, apply your visual effects and then export the videos again. Re-import the clips (with the VFX) into Premiere Pro and add them into your sequence.

This approach is simple and well suited if you work with external parties, but can be cumbersome and clumsy if you need to iterate over your visual effects.

2. Copy & Paste

Simply copy & paste clips from Premiere Pro directly into an After Effects composition. Apply any visual effects you want and then export the video from After Effects. As before, import the processed clips back into Premiere Pro to add them to your final film project.

3. Linked Compositions

Right click a clip in Premiere Pro and select ‘Replace with After Effects Composition’. Premiere Pro will create a new item that is linked LIVE to a new After Effects composition. Any changes you make in your composition in AE will automatically be reflected in Premiere Pro.

This is definitely the most seamless method of working, but because rendering compositions can be slow, it may slow down your Premiere Pro project and hinder your editing workflow.

I therefore personally prefer option number 2, but you have to figure out what works best for you – and then go with that!



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