Points of contact

What makes this little DIY camera mount project different, is the fact that it gives you an additional point of contact, like the incredible Edelkrone rig. Adding an additional shoulder contact, adds stability to the rig, that most DIY rigs do not possess.

My input on this rig, is to add a real camera mounting plate, like the Manfrotto 577 Quick Release Plate. I would make a solid plate (or a cheese plate) to go across the flat area where he mounted the camera. Then, mount the Quick Release on top of that. This would allow you to quickly go from shoulder mount to tripod. You could also mount the quick release plate to the bottom of the rig. This configuration would be allow you to take it off your shoulder and directly mount it to your tripod/slider/dolly, etc.

I would also do the following:

  1. Glue it for strength.
  2. Paint it black or use hockey tape on the whole rig.