You’ve gotta love a project that is inexpensive for the parts, relatively easy to build, works very well, and has more than one function!

This DIY portable Jib project is also a DIY shoulder rig project! It will be a great addition to your toolbox. But, don’t expect to use it for anything heavier than a DSLR, though.

RotoRig, its a camera jib and shoulder rig in one! Ultra portable, weighs between 4 to 5 lbs and will cost approximately $50 to build. Be sure to subscribe!

Website: http://www.krotoflik.com

“Audio file(s) provided by http://www.audiocmicro.com”

Optional Quick Release Adapters I Purchased:http://full.sc/T3vDY3

Drill Hole Diagram Download (Updated 1-26-2013):http://full.sc/WmuQBP

Tools Needed:
Strong Scissors, Needle nose pliers, Regular plies or channel locks, Phillips screw driver, Drill, 1/4 inch Drill bit, Smaller pilot drill bit, Larger Drill bit to remove burs, Electrical tape, Something to mark drill points with, and Eye and glove protection when drilling.

Parts: (The x before the number represents that many packages of said item)
1. Monopods – Targus Digital TG-MP6710 67-Inch x2 or almost any monopds = $19.98

Targus TG-MP7010 Maximum Extension 70-Inch Monopod

2. Flower Box Metal Wall Bracket (2-Pack) (Homedepot sku 277-870) x1 = $4.96

3. Small Designer Shelf Brackets (Menards Black sku 211-3630 single x2) or (homedepot White 2 pack sku 222-484 x1) = approx. $7
Bracket Size should be approx. “Dimensions: 6.5″ H x 9.5″ W x 1.63″ D” Menards may have switched around the SKU’s in your store or they labeled it wrong on there site, so make sure to get the bigger one. This link points to the correct size but just make sure to get the bigger of the two black brackets.


4. Ground clamps (Homedepot sku 621-708) x7 = $11
http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-5yc1v… (There seems to be a couple types of ground clamps with the same sku. Test to make sure a 1/4 20 bolt threads in properly at the store before purchasing which ever style you go with.) Updated 2-2-2013

5. 1/4″ nylon washers 4 pack (Homedepot sku 595-058) x4 = $2.56

6. 1/4″-20 1″ Round head Phillps bolts (Menards sku 233-8686) x3 = $2.46
(This Package comes with the 1/4″ nuts. If you buy elsewhere make sure to purchase at least 12pcs of 1/4″ 20 nuts.)

7. 12 lock nuts (Menards sku 232-9734) x1 = $.89

8. 2 fender washers (Menards sku 201-1194) x1 = $.49

9. 6 pack 1/4″ wing nuts (Menards sku 233-9148) x1 = $.89

10. 1 inch x 6 ft pipe foam (homedepot sku 419-949) x1 = $1.28

11. Scrap material (I used neoprene from beer cooler)

12. Rubber non slip material (I used a scrap non-slip rubber dish mat)