As a filmmaker, you will need to record dialogue, foley sounds, singing, and many other noises and sounds for your film. So, unless you have $50-100/hr to spend in a recording studio, you need your own sound booth, or at least a way to record great dialogue.


Wikipedia describes the Sound booth or Isolation booth as:

Isolation booth

An isolation booth is a standard small room in a recording studio, which is both soundproofed to keep out external sounds and keep in the internal sounds and, like all the other recording rooms in sound industry, it is designed for having a lesser amount of diffused reflections from walls to make a good sounding room. A drummer, vocalist, or guitar speaker cabinet, along with microphones, is acoustically isolated in the room. A professional recording studio has a control room, a large live room, and one or more small isolation booths. All rooms are soundproofed such as with double-layer walls with dead space and insulation in-between the two walls, forming a room-within-a-room.

There are variations of the same concept, including a portable standalone isolation booth, a compact guitar speaker isolation cabinet, or a larger guitar speaker cabinet isolation box.

A gobo panel achieves the same idea to a much more moderate extent; for example, a drum kit that is too loud in the live room or on stage can have acrylic glass see-through gobo panels placed around it to deflect the sound and keep it from bleeding into the other microphones, allowing more independent control of each instrument channel at the mixing board.

All rooms in a recording studio may have a reconfigurable combination of reflective and non-reflective surfaces, to control the amount of reverberation.



recording vocals

recording vocals (Photo credit: minusfortynine)

So, here’s great little project to give your recording a bit more quality…




DIY tutorial on how to build a $38 microphone isolation booth for recording vocals and singing in your home recording studio. Do it yourself, with no power tools!

Does your microphone pick up all kinds of noise when you’re recording voice over? Nasty room echo ruining your masterpiece? You need a desktop isolation booth, so you can enjoy some peace and quiet! Used to record this video, this one features collapsible, lightweight construction, and requires no special tools or skills; see the materials and tools list below.

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(4) 20″x30″x3/16″ foam board — $6
(1) Roll of duct tape — $6
(1) Bag of mini glue gun sticks $4 (or other adhesive, like Liquid Nails or Gorilla Glue)
(1) Cat-defiled mattress pad –or– new twin/single pad ($22)
(4) Sides of a cardboard box — free from the local liquor store or grocery

Hot glue gun
Razor blade (use with extreme caution!)
Scrap of wood to cut on
Tape measure
Straight edge
Scissors (to cut foam).

Liquor store photo by David Shankbone, CC BY 3.0, original here

Caulk gun photo by Achim Hering, CC BY 3.0, original here

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