Sometimes, we need to film a small object on the floor or on a table. How would you like a small dolly that could go around in a circle or curve at any radius? If you’ve ever seen some of these products, you know they can be really expensive. For instance, look at the table top dolly, from digital Juice.

Here is a sweet little DIY table-top dolly project that will take you about 30 minutes to build.

Difficulty: Easy


4x new or used inline skate wheels with bearings

1x universal quick release (optional):

1x mini ball head:

5x ¾” PVC slip plugs
3x ¾” PVC tee joints
2x ¾” PVC 90 degree elbow joints
4x ¾” PVC pipes, 1 ½” long

4x ¼” bolts, 2″ long
1x ¼” bolt, ½” long
8x ¼” nuts
5x ¼” lock washers
1x ¼” rubber fender washer

Drill with ¼” drill bit
Socket wrench with long 7/16″ socket
7/16″ wrench
PVC ratcheting cutters:


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