So many great films show their characters driving a car. The shots are usually performed with the car being towed on a big “Process Trailer“, with the camera mounted outside and in front, or from the side of the car of the car. Only recently, with advent of these remarkable little DSLR and even GoPro cameras that shoot high-quality HD video, could we actually fit a camera on the car’s dashboard. This is so cool, to be able to do this shot.

Here’s a super easy DIY Filmmaking project that allows you to shoot video with the camera on your car dashboard. Here they are using a GoPro and a Canon T2i DSLR.

Difficulty Level: Freakin Easy!

Français : Montage d'une Gopro HD sur un masqu...

Français : Montage d’une Gopro HD sur un masque de chasse sous-marine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)